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HOME OF INNERGY in Castell de la Solana offers an environment to, in interaction with others, take on your challenges. Realising your potential and making dreams come true often comes with hurdles and setbacks. It requires time and space, and you are the agent.  

Maarten and Björn created a special place for you. A lush oasis of tranquilityin which individual, personal attention and proper nutrition establish the foundation for you to develop. Amidst the olive trees, you can find your feet, breath the air and get inspired. 

Why? Because we search for a different kind of energy in this modern life’s flux. We like to be connected to nature, to that feeling we had when we were a young child, with others or, maybe, alone. Contact with real people, and talk about what it is that makes and shakes someone. Foster and nourish the connection with who we are, without running ourselves ragged. And provide others with opportunities to do just the same. 

We can offer you extra tools and suggestions. Tools that may ease and scaffold the process an that you can take home. You could think of this as if it were extra nutrients, supporting an olive tree’s growth spurts. This nourishment consists of programmes offered by professional trainers. All aiming at helping you to grow. 

Be part of HOME OF INNERGY  


Golf with a pro


Support for writing your thesis 


Fresh air, fresh ideas. Walk through Spain’s most beautiful and greenest valleys. 

Harvesting and pressing olives


Nutrition and cycling: the combination


Short photo course

I p’aint not just something!

“You’ll get to see that, like humans, also olive trees have their challenges.
At first small, protected by other vegetation, but once a grown up on their own. The struggles and triumphs cause the typical shapes that make an olive tree special. You too can turn challenges into unique achievements you can be proud on.” 

Your Hosts


Björn, born in Voerendaal, Zuid-Limburg, studied Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University. In 2015, he completed his MBA at Nyenrode Business University and started a PhD on collaborative dilemmas in the One Health domain. Aside from his work at Brabers, Björn has been active in boards within various organisations. His expertise concerns multiparty collaboration, dealing with interests and ideals, and interpersonal communication. 


Maarten, born and raised in Utrecht, studied Interdisciplinary Social Sciences in Utrecht and Learning in Professional Contexts in Leiden. His doctorate at the University of Glasgow for which he currently is writing his dissertation concerns the sharing of tacit knowledge between professionals. Maarten has broad experience within education, both in secondary, vocational and higher education, and he’s interested in team learning and professional development that pays attention to every single individual. 

Pool of Trainers

René Hendriks

is in love with progression, addicted to creation.

“I love bon vivants, that is: anyone who tries to live life to the full independent of the situation their in. My key driver is being able to provide a nudge in the right direction to stimulate this.”

More info: Bureau aan zee

Rob Zwaan prof

Rob Zwaan

balances between thinking and doing.

"To create. To guide from 'nothing to something'. That excitement when things congregate naturally. During a valuable conversation. When composing a melody, or when words amass and constitute a song that makes you shiver. To Rob, this is what gives meaning to life!"

Maarten de Haan prof 1

Maarten de Haan

is pragmatic, considerate and no nonsense.

"Doing is the new thinking. I like to take people and teams out to search for new experiences, individually and collectively. Conscious, focused and playful."

More info: BLND Academy

Jan-Simon-Brouwer prof 2

Jan Simon Brouwer

is sympathetically provocative, alert and clear.

"I believe taking responsibility is important. Using one's daily practice and life to zoom in on patterns in behaviour, on beliefs, and on needs. The focus: what can you do differently to improve your situation?"

More info: Cactustrainingen

Kim Feelders

is direct, sincere en client centered in her approach.

As family coach, she is specialised in raising children together, divorcing together, and moving on - together. "I have been working in the youth care sector since 1994, mostly at the Child Protection Board within the Ministry of Justice and Security and in the field of complex divorces. Pragmatic progress is my goal."

More info: De Praatfabriek

Jan de Vreugd

has a diverse background and broad understanding.

"I tried becoming a farmer in Canada, but regretting that choice I returned to the Netherlands. in my role as a coach, I use enneagrams, management drives, structures of characters and core quadrants. I also benefit greatly from the ideas of Carl Rogers, and especially his client-centered therapy."

Willy Haalebos

breathes tranquility and offers trust.

"In 1996, when I had some personal issues, I first experienced what it means to involve your body and physical experiences in therapy. I learned to feel and to express myself. My path took me from body-oriented therapy to working with family constellations and (OSHO) meditations. All evolving around the aim of bringing people closer to theirselves - from mind to heart."

More info: site Willy Haalebos

Gemma Oude Veldhuis

likes being on the move hence: 'GO for grow'.

"As long as you stay in motion, things will happen, you will keep experiencing and therefore, you'll keep learning. As coach for entrepreneurs, trainer, and key note speaker, I arrange tailor-made communication and leadership programmes you can build into your daily life thanks to a mix of theory and experiences."

More info: GO for Grow


Marcel Hesseling

is knowledgeable, conscientious and companionable.

Because of his background as a nutritional advisor for various top athletes as well as cycling teams like Lotto Jumbo and Astana Pro Cycling Team, Marcel knows exactly what fuel is needed to perform. "Nutrition is energy! Your nutritional choices determine the energy you receive and how your body functions with it. I want to inspire people to better look into nutrition, what it does to you, and to make them experience what difference nutrItion can make in achieving your personal or sportive goals."






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03728 Alcalalí, Alicante, Spain
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ADdresS: Partida la Coma, s/n
03728 Alcalalí, Alicante, Spain
(38.7571949, -0.0327380)

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